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Sketching-to-music Part 2 / 6 - Fiction by Scilentor
Sketching-to-music Part 2 / 6 - Fiction
Got a reuqest to draw Katherine Kane (aka Batwoman). Continuation to the Sketching-to-music series.

Reference provided by the requester (left top):…
Ambience music while drawing:…

Art (c) Scilentor
Character (c) the respective owners
Sketching-to-music Part 1 / 6 - Egypt by Scilentor
Sketching-to-music Part 1 / 6 - Egypt
Uhh, not much to say. Was listening to some music that had an egyptian vibe in them and felt like drawing something. Got home, put a music playlist on and sketched this in bit over an hour. I've gotten slow => rusty :(
As for the image, I decided to leave the bottom part blank instead of cropping. It just feels very calming to my eye that way.

Anyway, not anime this time, it's time to do some realism again before going back to anime. Gotta remember how it's done.

GTA:V -Chich by Scilentor
GTA:V -Chich
Sooo... Just felt like trying the art style of GTA:V .

The face reference is from one of Victoria's Secret models. Sorry, can't remember the name.

Made the chick look like the other one's (you know, the one taking the selfie) sister.

The background has been borrowed from GTA's poster itself, so I take no credits for that what so ever, All rights Rockstar and the artist and so on on the background.

If anybody wants to try to color this too, I'll throw the lineart in here:…

Long time no written/seen/heard watevaa lol!

I've been busy with programming java, sql and other stuff from school, but now I'm almost on vacations. I'm still working, but have more free time than during school, so I'm willing to let it go and release some dammed artistic feelingz!


I've been thinking of making a simple RPG-game. Simple, but vast. Just grabbed RPG Maker Ace from and I'm dying to do something. At first I was thinking of doing a rpg-pokemon world'ish game of some already existing game or series, like Game of Thrones, but in the end I want to do something original. And here is the deal! I need someone to do this project with me. I'd be mainly in charge of the coding and drawing the art, so Your job would be to brainstorm the plot of the game as well as give some simple ideas for me for the character designs. My goal would not be to create an RPG game using only the existing tiles, profiles etc. I would try to create as many of them by myself as possible, but the main focus would be in character profiles (the ones that come in the text boxes) and the coding (would try to do some more complex stuff).

So! If you have ever had the dream of having your own game this is one hell of an opportunity for you. Don't waste it! If possible, I'd like you to be as verstile and creative as possible and also be able to communicate through either skype chat or voice.

Reply to the Journal entry or send me an PM, and if you don't have that dream, but know someone who does, feel free to spread this journal entry :)


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